Our Firm

           “Be alert to give service -- what counts most in life is what we do for others.”


  Becoming our client is something we take very seriously. We want to offer these commitments and services  to you.   

         Client Contact- We commit  to staying in touch with you via phone, email and in person. This allows us to stay in tune with changes in your life and provides the opportunity to share new products and services as they become available.


         Periodic Reviews- Part of our contact commitment is to offer semi-annual reviews. This gives us the opportunity to answer questions about your investments and adjust for any changes in your needs and goals. We can accomplish this in-person, electronically, or using a combination that works for you.


        Comprehensive Financial Planning- We focus on your needs and goals to develop a customized action plan that will help you achieve them. This is done through six important steps: (1) Establishing a mutual relationship. (2) Gathering financial information and goals. (3) Analyzing current financial information. (4) Developing strategies, providing education and presenting recommendations. (5) Implementing the recommendations/solutions. (6) Monitoring planning recommendations through periodic reviews and frequent contact.


        Customized Wealth Management- The overview of our wealth management platform is simple. We focus on strategic diversification, fee-sensitive construction utilizing a core-satellite management approach based on your risk tolerance and time horizon. This provides a truly customized way to achieve your goals.  


        Risk Management- When we say risk management, we mean being able to provide strategies offered through insurance companies to manage life’s curve balls. We will review and assess current insurance policies to determine if they meet your needs, or implement strategies that can.


        Tax Planning & Management- Because tax planning is so critical in helping achieve your goals; we have developed working relationships with CPAs and tax planning professionals that can review and provide recommendations to keep you on course.